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Construction Aggregate

Available Construction Aggregate options

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Frock 8″ Minus

$48.00 cu. yd.
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Rip Rap 12″ Minus

$51.00 cu. yd.
3/4 Copper Rock

Copper 3/4″

$56.00 cu. yd.
1 1/2 Copper Rock

Copper 1 1/2″

$56.00 cu. yd.
2x4 Copper Rock

Copper 2″x4″

$56.00 cu. yd.
2" x 3" Frock

2″x3″ Frock

$45.00 cu. yd.
3/8" Chip Pea Gravel

3/8″ Chip Pea Gravel

$34.00 cu. yd.
3/4" Crushed Rock

3/4″ Crushed Rock

$36.00 cu. yd.
1 1/2" Crushed Rock

1 1/2″ Crushed Rock

$39.00 cu. yd.
3x10 Copper Rock

Copper 3″x10″

$56.00 cu. yd.

Delivery Available

Nevada & California delivery services

Our fleet of trucks allows us to provide prompt service to all of our customers in Nevada and California. We provide delivery service and have the ability to load our customer’s vehicles. So, we can bring your material to the location that you desire or you can come by and pick it up.

In conjunction with our sister company, Western Nevada Transport, our diverse fleet of trucks provides many options for most any trucking need that you might have.